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Poor Fork Arts and Crafts Guild

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Harlan Center

Convention and Tourist Information Center
201 South Main Street, Harlan
    Members of the Poor Fork Arts & Crafts Guild, Inc.� established the Poor Fork Arts & Crafts Store in July 1988. The purpose of the store is to provide the Guild members a place to market their goods and tourists a place to buy gifts made by hand. Several thousand items are displayed in the 4,500 sq. foot store building.

    The Guild's motto: "Preserving the best of the past for the betterment of the future"

    Once you arrive at the Poor Fork Arts & Crafts Store in Cumberland, you will find a vast array of handcrafted items. You might look around and see a lovely display including a beautiful handmade rocking chair with a handmade quilt or throw draped over the back with some lovely wooden furniture nearby. You will see paintings, pottery, corn shuck flowers, brooms, glass works, quilts, musical instruments, baskets, birdhouses, and many other items.

    The members of the Guild invite you to come and see some of the thousands of items at Poor Fork Arts & Crafts Store during your next visit to our area of Southeast Kentucky.

218 West Main St.
Cumberland, KY 40823
Phone: 606-589-2545

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