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Story Miller's City of Harlan Pipe Organ Tour

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Harlan Center

Convention and Tourist Information Center
201 South Main Street, Harlan

Pipe Organ Tour

In the spring of 2017, preparing for his Eagle Scout badge, Story Miller embarked on a journey to provide a comprehensive and educational tour of the churches in the City of Harlan that contained Pipe Organs. The finished product was an interesting look at downtown Harlan and how these instruments play a vital role in the church as well as show an interesting dynamic in a talent that seems to be slowly fading awat in Harlan, KY. Below you will find the video that will allow you to embark on Story Miller's City of Harlan Pipe Organ Tour.

1.) To begin your tour, start by obtaining your map at the Harlan Center (or you can print off your own below and begin at the Harlan Center)

2.) You will turn right and begin walking up Clover St until you come to your first stop which is B on the map. This is the Harlan Christian Church.

2.) Continue up Clover St. to your next church which is point C. This is First Presbyterian Church of Harlan.

3.) Continue down Clover St. for a short stint and turn left onto Central. Rigth in front of the Harlan Elementary School you will reach point D. This is the Christ Episcopal Church.

4.) Walk down Central St. until you intesect with 1st St. Here you will make a right. Continue to walk up 1st street until you reach point E. This is the Harlan United Methodist Church.

5.) Make a left onto mound street and continue walking until you reach poiunt F. This is the Harlan Baptist Church.

6.) At this point, you will turn around and begin walking down Main St. towards the Harlan Center. Once you reach the Harlan Center (where you began), your tour has concluded.

We sincerely hope you enjoy Story Miller's Pipe Organ Tour! To see the map of the tour, scroll to the bottom of the page. For the videos regarding the tour see below or click here to view all of the videos on YouTube.

Youtube for Story Miller's Pipe Organ Tour:

Harlan Christian Church:

Harlan Presbyterian Church

Harlan Episcopal Church

Harlan Methodist Church

Harlan Baptist Church

Map for Story Miller's City of Harlan Pipe Organ Tour

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