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FX's Justified: Fact and Fiction

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Harlan Center

Convention and Tourist Information Center
201 South Main Street, Harlan

    In March, 2010, the FX Network launched the season premiere of "Justified," an over-the-top, modern-day crime drama set in Harlan, Kentucky. The story follows Raylan Givens, a U.S. Marshall sent to work in his own hometown where he enforces his own brand of justice. Givens is played by acclaimed actor Timothy Olyphant and is supported by actors including Nick Searcy, Joelle Carter and Walton Goggins.

    Harlan's on-screen incarnation is a lawless and violent town overrun by violence and corruption. Justified's Harlan is an embellishment, but generally well-accepted among Harlan Countians as an entertaining work of fiction.

    As the series continues, this site will be updated to show the line between the real Harlan and it's FX Network counterpart. Most noteably, Justified is not filmed in Harlan but rather in Kittanning, Pennsylvania. However, previews for the show have featured short, interwoven clips the crew gathered in Harlan before the pilot aired.

Justified Official Website

Photo Comparisons

Main Street, Downtown Harlan. This photo was shot during winter so the mountains have not yet greened.
Main Street, Downtown Harlan on "Justified"
Kittanning, Pennsylvania, where the "Justified" Pilot was filmed.

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