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Harlan Center

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Harlan Center

Convention and Tourist Information Center
201 South Main Street, Harlan
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Where is the Harlan Center located?
201 South Main St. Harlan KY 40831

What are the hours of the Harlan Center?
Business hours are Monday-Friday 9am-5pm. If an event is taking place, hours will vary.

How much does one convention room cost?
$70 per room (total of 8 rooms)

How many people can one convention room hold?
48 people banquet style, 88 people theater style and 58 people lecture style

How many rooms will I need if I rent the dance floor?
At least 2 (the dance floor takes up almost a whole room)

How many rooms will I need if I rent the stage?
At least 2

What is the difference in the whole dance floor and the half dance floor?
The whole dance floor is 18x21 and the half dance floor is 15x15

During what hours can my event take place?
Hours for renting the rooms are 9am-12am (if an event needs to take place any earlier, it must be pre-arranged with the Harlan Center staff)

How many hours do we get for our event?
You get four hours for the actual event, a couple of hours before to decorate, and an hour after for clean-up (if 6-8 rooms are rented you will get the day before to decorate during business hours of 9am-5pm

What color are the table cloths, table skirts, and napkins?

Can I book my event over the phone?
No. Half of your rental balance is due at the time of reserving the rooms, and a copy of our guidelines must be signed before your event will be booked on our calendar.

Can I put an inflatable inside of the Harlan Center?

How many rooms will I need to rent if I have an inflatable?
At least two

What type of table is used for guest seating?
Round 60 inch tables

How many people are seated at the guest tables?

How long are the rectangle tables?
Six foot long

What size table linens does the Harlan Center have?
71 (covers the tops of the tables) 90 (lap length) 120 (floor length)

When will my damage deposit be returned?
If all of the guidelines were followed (that were signed at the time of booking) you will get your damage deposit back immediately following your event.

Can I request the rooms beside of the kitchen?
The only way to guarantee the rooms beside of the kitchen is to rent the kitchen at $40

Is there a microphone and sound system that we can use?
Yes. The microphone and sound system can be used at no charge, but it is on a first come basis. This should be reserved at the time of booking.

Is there anyway to show a slide show?
Yes. We have a projector and a DVD player that can be used for slide shows. We also have a screen but it's very small in size. We mostly use the white walls to project off of.

How many people can the whole convention center hold?
400 people banquet style, and 700 people theater style. (The Harlan Center only has enough chairs for seating 400)

What type of events can be held at the Harlan Center?
Any event can be held at the Harlan Center as long as they follow the rules and guidelines. (Some events may require approval by the Executive Director)

For more information:

Harlan Tourist
& Convention Commission
201 S. Main Street, Harlan KY 40831
S. Main Street, Harlan KY 40831
  • Phone: (606) 573-4495
  • Fax: (606) 573-9485
  • E-mail: harlancenter@harlanonline.net

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